Some mathematical raytracing creations

Raytracing is a way of generating images witha computer. The program is given a mathematical description of a scene, and draws it, pixel by pixel. Modern raytracing programs can create almost anything - soft shadows, realistic textures, haze and fog, fires and explosions, and even animations. While many raytracers try to make realistic images of the real world, it can also be a good way to visualize mathematical objects.

These raytraced images were created using POV-Ray. This software was created by a team of volunteers, who are still developing new versions; it is available at no charge (although a few minor restrictions exist). True hackers can even get the source code, to write their own patches!

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Monostable polytopes
Assorted raytracings
Golden rectangles, etc.
Spherical tilings
To get your own copy of POV-Ray, go to or one of their various mirror sites.

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