CSCI 4423: CRYPTOGRAPHY -- Course Outline & Rules

LECTURES:   See the Banner Self-service for times and rooms at

INSTRUCTOR:   Stavros Konstantinidis -- for contact info click here

FROM THE CALENDAR: Regarding the course description, learning objectives, cerdit hours, and prerequisite courses, please see section "Computing Science (CSCI)" of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar:

TEXTBOOK and OTHER RESOURCES:   You are expected to study the lecture slides that will be posted on the course website. Much of these slides are based on the two pdf files posted on the course website (see heading "COURSE NOTES"). Links to additional reading material are included on the course website.

       Assignments:      33%
       Midterm Exam:  27%
       Final Exam:        40%
       To pass the course, you must (a) accumulate at least 50 points in the assignments and exams;
       and (b) accumulate at least 32 points in the exams.

TOPICS (tentative)

  1. Review of mathematical concepts
  2. Classical Cryptography
  3. Block ciphers
  4. Hash functions and MACs
  5. Number Theory Algorithms
  6. Primitives for Assymetric Encryption
  7. Digital signatures